Secure Shopping

The purchases you make in Mercatus are transactions made with a 256-bit SSL security certificate.

Mercatus online store uses a server that has SSL, which guarantees the privacy of the data transmitted over the network. The information we ask you to process the purchase is protected.

What is the Security Certificate?

The security certificate is granted by a certifying entity, in our case CyberTrust Educational CA, upon the checking of the correct configuration of the encryption process (SSL) and the checking of the data of the requesting company. The certificate of secure server is granted to an entity whose references have been verified, to ensure that whoever receives the encrypted data is, in effect, who should receive it.

How can I know that a server is secure?

In the latest versions of web browsers (Firefox 3, Safari 3 or Internet Explorer 7) the address bar will appear in yellow.

You can also see that the URL, or web address, varies slightly: it no longer starts with http but with https.

At the time of finalizing your purchase and providing your personal data, you can verify that you are on a secure server.

On this page you can see how a lock appears indicating that it is protected with an SSL security certificate. This lock will appear in all parts of this website where there is sensitive information.

Secure transactions

When you make a purchase in the Mercatus online store, it is done through an encrypted communication channel, that is, a secure link between your browser and our website that encodes and protects your information, thus ensuring that no one can see your data.

The technical team is at your disposal for any questions through the address: sistemas@universitas.usal.es